Principal’s Message

Dear Friends/Children,

"God of his goodness find whom to do His works. It is a pain to think how few years remain for ours to labour in, and much more there is to do in this short time, and how few to do it. Pray I may have one will with God's and then what happens will always be best welcome". (Mary Ward)

Treating all as neighbours, loving all as you love oneself and God, not counting cost, not weighing gain is all that is to do. To give up time, money, safety and reward is a herculean task.

The laws of God are many and they are real. All that we need is a code of morality to guide and discipline us. The only law that matters us the most is the law of love. It is the beginning and the end of all other laws. The God of all things would use the humblest parts of His creation to complete His great works. All that we have to do is to be open to God's will and that will be the best ever to happen.

May His greatness be revealed in our lives!

Sr. Anjuman