Code of Behaviour
  • Loreto Convent Intermediate College, Lucknow cherishes every child as a ‘Gift from God’. The rights of the child be respected and protected by developing a strong emotional bond with every child. (without any physical closeness- intentional or unintentional).
  • The teachers remain vigilant and sensitive to any behavioural change in the child. We take complete responsibility to recognize any form of abuse and further will respond and report the case to the Designated Officer.
  • We will always maintain the dignity as teachers and our gestures, mannerism, language and dressing style be in the decency and sobriety
  • We ensure that children are given a safe and friendly environment and provide them with emotional, psychological and physical security. (even during outdoor activities, excursions, etc.) We actively involve parents and inform them regarding the growth and development of the all-round personality of the child.