Our Philosophy

We are called
as an Institute
to promote the Glory of God,
lovingly discerning God’s Will for us
in a growing freedom, sincerity and justice.
We believe

every human being who is empowered to develop to
her best potential,
the Glory of God.
We see

this empowerment
as the distinguishing feature of all our educational effort
are convinced

it takes place best in a school which is
a dynamic entity
involved continually in discerning the needs of our times
and flexible enough
to re-adjust its structures and activities to respond
to them.
We recognize

it requires a school atmosphere where
the values of love, freedom, sincerity and justice
are experienced and lived out by all
and where striving for excellence
at the level of one’s potential
is an
essential element.
We accept

all this demands a certain awareness at
administrative and staff levels so that it becomes a continuous process, affecting staff, students and
parents and taking precedence over all other motivations.
We recognise
strongly affirm

the special thrust of our Institute
becomes credible
in India today
when our schools are

where a preferential love of the poor is lived out
both in attitudes and structures.
In cherishing the most deprived of His people
and enabling them to take their place
with dignity among the others
our schools become places where truly
the Glory of God