Living The Just Soul Today

The Just Soul is a manifesto for life.
It is our way to God,
Something I desire and try to aim for with God’s grace.

“Mary Ward’s concept of freedom has a three-fold dimension: Freedom from attachment to earthly values and things; Freedom for any kind of good works; and freedom to refer all to God. Mary Ward saw freedom first, as a gift of God; Second, as so integral to human beings that real freedom is A return of oneself and one’s choices to God; and third, as both a disposition and a way of life.”

Jeanne Cover IBVM


No room to hide.
This vocation joyfully ask all of me as I am,
yet with the constant
Striving for ever greater integrity.

“The vow of religious obedience can ultimately only be addressed to God. For this very reason, The truly obedient are also truly free and are therefore a threat to the powerful. They are fully aware that they are unconditionally committed to the ultimate authority, and consequently they are free from all kinds of servility. Even if their own lives are at risk, they have the courage to brave any penultimate authority: they are liberated to see clearly and to walk upright in the footsteps of Jesus.”

Martha Zechmeister CJ


Having or seeking to have right relations with God,
others and our universe.

The JUST SOUL is not at the heart of our vocation, it is the beating heart of it- it is what gives life and meaning to “this course of ours”, whether in the 17th century or the 21st.


“The Just Soul is, from the outset, an understanding of holiness rooted in the ordinary stuff of human experience. There are no ecstasies here, or grand abstractions from the everyday but, if anything, a deeper entry into all that makes people most fully human. One of its fruits is transparency and an ability to show to the outside world what we are within, free from defensiveness or artifice of any kind. Mary Ward’s words in the Just Soul…. Describe a harmony between the divine creative purpose and the graced human capacity for its fulfillment, based on a union with God that finds its truest expression in the carrying out of that purpose.”

Gemma Simmonds CJ


One foot in the air enables us to take flight.
One on the ground roots us in God’s flame of love.

“It is not a question of external good works, but of doing what is good…… More is required than simply avoiding evil and doing good performing a narrowly defined list of good works. A heightened level of awareness is needed to detect the movements of the good spirit. Reflection and self- knowledge are required to take personal responsibility for one’s own omissions…. The precondition for doing good is that the person be good: something which is impossible left to one’s own devices. God, rather, is the one who gives many and excellent means to be good.”

Ursula Dirmeier CJ