• The library is one of our most valued resources in the education of our students
  • Books from the school library are issued regularly. No other magazine, books or papers may be circulated in the school without permission from the Principal.
  • When taking a book, if any defect is detected, it should be brought to the notice of the librarian.
  • When the students lose library books, they are asked to either replace them or pay the cost of the book.
  • Students should not borrow school library books from each another.
  • Students are not allowed to keep any book issued from the library for longer than one week without permission. A late fine of Rs. 5/- per day is charged if the books are not returned with in the specified time.
  • Before the vacations, all library books have to be returned in good order. Tearing of pages and pictures from books and magazines, folding paper, mutilation in any form is a bad habit and will be penalized.