The Love of God

‘Act not out of fear,`but solely from love ,because you are called by God to a vocation of love.’

‘Be ashamed to say that anything appears hard to you in the service of God ; for to those who love all is light.’

‘Those only truly love who are wholly God's .’

The Will of God

'Let us let God do what He will.’

'Take all, even the Ieast thing , as coming directly from God .’

‘I do not desire to know or to have any other than His will.’

God has His times for all.’

Love of the Cross

‘Whoever will serve God according to her state, must of necessity love the cross and be ready to suffer much for Christ’s sake.’

‘Suffering without sin is no burden.’

‘Be solid and fit to endure whatsoever crosses shall come to you.’

‘The best way to bear troubles with equanimity is to thank God heartily for them.’

Joyfulness in Service

'Show yourself at all times glad and joyful for Almighty God loves a cheerful giver.’

‘Be merry and doubt not our Master.’

‘In our calling a cheerful mind, a good understanding and a great desire after virtue are necessary but of all these a cheerful mind is the most so.’

Trust In God

'Be confident in God and more than ever I grateful to His unseen goodness.'

‘Do your best and God will help.'

'God is rich enough for us all.'


'Be not content to appear good in the eyes of men only, but strive also to be so in God's eyes.'

'Love and speak the truth at all times.'

'Show yourself as you are, and be what you show yourself.'

Faithfulness to the Work at Hand

'Do good and do it well.'

'Faithfulness is not so much to be praised in great as in little things.'

'It is an honour to work for God,'


'If you show service to anyone, do it willingly.'

'Be all things to all men, so that you may win all for God.'

'If we see a fault in our neighbour, we should certainly dislike the fault, but not the person, remembering how dearly God loves him.’

'Be compassionate and merciful towards the poor, and generous also if you have the means, and do not call them beggars.'

Calm, Peaceful Spirit

'Let not anything disturb the peace of your heart, not even your sins.'

'Whatever distracts or disturbs you inwardly comes not from God; for the Spirit of God always brings peace and serene repose with it.'