Jagriti Loreto School

‘Jagriti’, which means awakening, is an outreach school, forming an integral part of the Loreto Covent School. Its prime objective is to bring about improvement in society by paying goal-directed attention to the less-advantaged sections of society left behind in the race for progress.

It is the fledgling flock of this neglected part of society, the children of a tender age, who form the focus of the various social service activities of ‘Jagriti’. The classes conducted are from Nursery to Class VIII. The students of Loreto Convent Intermediate College also undertake multiple activities under their Community Work Projects, teaching the children in ‘Jagriti’ on a one-to-one basis. The personal touch, thus generated, not only creates a harmonious social atmosphere, during teaching time, but also helps to integrate them into the mainstream of society in later life as well

Besides taking care of the children's educational needs, the College also arranges for their medical check-ups, and fulfils dietary and other needs as far as possible.

Girls occupy a place of pivotal importance in the development of society. They are helped in other ways to stand on their own feet instilling in them self-confidence. This is done by empowering them economically by teaching them various skills. To this end, they are trained through vocational courses. As part of an outreach programme, tailoring and embroidery classes are attended by more than 20 girls every year. One trained instructor is appointed for the class. There are a number of sewing machines that are used by these young women. Some girls have even started their own business after being trained from this centre.


At present there are 155 students in Jagriti, 35 of whom are in the Adult literacy class. Forty are receiving training in a tailoring course conducted after class. They are mostly children of rickshaw pullers and domestic workers. They attend school from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and four teachers are engaged to teach them. Teachers from Loreto Convent Intermediate College also take singing, dancing, games and craft with the Jagriti children, while the Loreto students devote their Community Service period each week to teaching them on a one to one basis. They bring an exercise book, pencil and rubber for the purpose and record the progress of their pupil on a format designed for the purpose. In two years the adult literacy class completed the course of classes 1 to 5, 13 of them received class 5 certificates. They are now in the process of doing the class 6 to 8 course in two years.

Conducting programmes for the parents of the girls: -
  • To create among them an awareness of the need for education, health and hygiene etc.

  • To acquaint them with the opportunity for women made available by the Government.

  • To make them aware of their rights and the means of getting redress when these rights are violated.

  • To educate them in the practicalities of everyday life so that they can be independent and self-reliant.

  • Reserving at least 100 places in Loreto Convent Intermediate College for underprivileged girls and to provide a support system in the form of books, uniforms, and extra help in studies, to enable them to keep up with their more fortunate classmates.

  • Increasing the number of girls enrolled especially those who are 15 years or over and have not been to school or have dropped out in the lower classes.

  • Within a period of 2 years covering the syllabus of classes 1 to V thus enabling them to obtain a class V pass certificate.

  • Within a further period of 2 years covering the syllabus of Classes VI to VII, thus enabling them to procure a Class VIII pass certificate

  • In a period of 1 year to prepare them for the High School Examination.

  • Networking with Government or recognized, Hindi medium schools through which the students can appear for examinations and obtain Government recognized certificates

  • Improving and extending the existing infrastructure for vocational training by providing more space and engaging at least one more instructor.

  • Getting a regular medical check-up for all the girls enrolled under the Programme.

  • Providing one meal a day for at least 50 girls enrolled in the project.

  • Organizing sessions for parents of girls enrolled in the Programme, to counsel them on the need and importance of education, hygiene nutrition and vocational training for girls.