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Name: Vijesh Choudhary
Date: 14-Nov-2017
Profession: Army Personnel
Comment: It is already at its peak position, hardly there is any space left for better improvement
Rating: Very Good
How you know: I am a parent
Name: Anushree Garg
Date: 12-Jul-2017
Profession: PGDM student at IIM Calcutta
Comment: Dear Teachers, I wanted to inform you that I am proud to represent Loreto Convent at IIM Calcutta for 2017-19 MBA program. Being in Calcutta feels closer to the roots. All the education, and the lady like demeanour that we have ingrained in us is showing amazing results. I was working as a Software Engineer in Gurgaon in a startup prior to this for two years 2015-17 after completing my Engineering from LNMIIT, Jaipur Thanking you, Anushree Garg (2001-11)
Rating: Excellent
How you know: I am an ex-student

Total Records: 2