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Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday04 Jul 2019School Reopens
2Thursday04 Jul 2019Board: Memories of Summer Vacations: 4A Ms. P. Dutta 6 to 12
3Friday05 Jul 2019First Friday Mass Ms. S. Dass
4Friday05 Jul 2019Assembly: Hard work is the Route to success: Office Bearers
5Tuesday09 Jul 2019Assembly: Cleanliness is next to Godliness: 8B
6Wednesday10 Jul 2019Club Meeting
7Wednesday10 Jul 2019Hard work is the Route to Success: 4B
8Friday12 Jul 2019Assembly: My Goal in Life; 8C
9Saturday13 Jul 2019Inter House Dance Competition 6 to 12
10Monday15 Jul 2019Group Singing 2 to 5
11Tuesday16 Jul 2019Assembly: Responsibilities of a student: Club Presidents
12Wednesday17 Jul 2019House Meeting
13Wednesday17 Jul 2019Assembly: Importance of Discipline 4C
14Thursday18 Jul 2019English Elocution 1 and 2. Creative writing 6 to 12
15Friday19 Jul 2019Assembly: Each child is unique: 7A.
16Friday19 Jul 2019Board: Reading is a super power: 1B 4B, 6 to 12
17Saturday20 Jul 2019Holiday
18Monday22 Jul 2019Unit test 1 begins
19Tuesday23 Jul 2019Assembly: Service to our Nation is service of god: 7B
20Wednesday24 Jul 2019Club Meeting
21Wednesday24 Jul 2019Assembly: Enjoying childhood: Ms. A. James
22Friday26 Jul 2019Assembly: Importance of prayers in our life: 7C
23Saturday27 Jul 2019English Elocution 3 to 5
24Tuesday30 Jul 2019Assembly: Importance of discipline in life 6A
25Wednesday31 Jul 2019House Meeting
26Wednesday31 Jul 2019Assembly: Service to our nation is service to god: 3A
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