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Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Jan 2018Holiday
2Tuesday02 Jan 2018Holiday
3Wednesday03 Jan 2018Holiday
4Thursday04 Jan 2018Holiday
5Friday05 Jan 2018Holiday
6Saturday06 Jan 2018Holiday
7Sunday07 Jan 2018Holiday
8Monday08 Jan 2018School Reopens Pre Board Examination Begins. Board: New Year Ms. S.Samuel, Class 4 C, 6 to 12
9Friday12 Jan 2018Assembly: Bloom Where You Are Planted Class 8 C
10Tuesday16 Jan 2018Assembly: Pleasing Everyone Class 9 A
11Friday19 Jan 2018Assembly: Seeing God in Others Class 9 B
12Saturday20 Jan 2018Third Saturday
13Monday22 Jan 2018Board: Mary Ward / Republic Day Class 1 A, 5 A, 6 to 12
14Tuesday23 Jan 2018Mary Ward Week Begins. Assembly: Mary Ward Opening Assembly Class 5 B
15Wednesday24 Jan 2018Girl Child Day Celebration. Assembly: Girl Child - Clubs
16Thursday25 Jan 2018Republic Day Celebration. Assembly: Republic Day - Club
17Friday26 Jan 2018Republic Day
18Tuesday30 Jan 2018Mary Ward Closing Prayer Service Loreto Feast Day. Assembly: Mary Ward Week Closing Prayer Service and Loreto Feast Day
19Wednesday31 Jan 2018Thanksgiving Prayer Service and Prize Distribution Class 10 to 12. Assembly: Living for Others Class 5 C
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