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Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday02 Sep 2019Board: Teachers are the Architects of tomorrow: 2A 5B 6 to 12
2Tuesday03 Sep 2019Assembly: Teachers are the Architects of Tomorrow: 12 Sc
3Wednesday04 Sep 2019Club Meeting
4Wednesday04 Sep 2019Assembly: Teachers are the Architects of Tomorrow: 5A
5Thursday05 Sep 2019Teachers Day
6Friday06 Sep 2019First Friday Mass Ms. A. James
7Friday06 Sep 2019Assembly: Key to success: 10A
8Monday09 Sep 2019Half Yearly Exams Begin(Tentative)
9Tuesday10 Sep 2019Moharram
10Wednesday11 Sep 2019Assembly: Everything Happens for a reason: Ms. D. Safri
11Wednesday18 Sep 2019Assembly: Be a good Listener: Ms. A. James
12Friday20 Sep 2019Hindi Elocution 1 and 2
13Saturday21 Sep 2019Holiday
14Monday23 Sep 2019Board: Women Achievers of India: 5A, 2B, 6 to 12
15Tuesday24 Sep 2019Assembly: Important Duties of Students: Club Presidents
16Wednesday25 Sep 2019House Meeting
17Wednesday25 Sep 2019Assembly: Gratitude: Ms. B. Sachdeva
18Friday27 Sep 2019Kho Kho Match 3 to 5
19Friday27 Sep 2019Assembly: Rajasthan: 10B
20Saturday28 Sep 2019Hindi Elocution 3 to 5
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