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April, 2019
May, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 May 2019Crowing of Our Lady Labour Day Celebration
2Wednesday01 May 2019Board: Dignity of Labour: 6 to 12
3Thursday02 May 2019Assembly: Dignity of labour 5-C
4Friday03 May 2019Assembly: God helps those who help themselves: 10-C
5Friday03 May 2019First Friday Mass Ms. G. Caesar
6Tuesday07 May 2019Assembly: Rabindranath Tagore: 9-A
7Wednesday08 May 2019Assembly: Rabindranath Tagore: Ms. D. Safri
8Thursday09 May 2019GK Quiz First Round 6 to 12
9Thursday09 May 2019Board: Happy Holidays 1-A Ms. B. Sachdeva 6 to 12
10Friday10 May 2019Assembly: Religion Brings a New Life: 9-B
11Saturday11 May 2019GK Quiz 3 to 5
12Tuesday14 May 2019Assembly: UP : A hub of culture and tradition: 9-C
13Wednesday15 May 2019House Meeting
14Wednesday15 May 2019Assembly: School Closing: 4-A
15Friday17 May 2019School closes for Summer Vacations
16Friday17 May 2019Assembly: Happy Holidays and Buddh Purnima: 8-A
17Saturday18 May 2019Assembly: Happy Holidays: 4
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