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November, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Nov 2019Assembly: Mirzoram: 8B
2Friday01 Nov 2019Board: Importance of Prayer in Life: 3A Nur, 6 to 12
3Saturday02 Nov 2019Mass and Blessing of the Graves Ms. A.M. Pandey
4Tuesday05 Nov 2019Assembly: Assam: 8C
5Wednesday06 Nov 2019Club Meeting
6Friday08 Nov 2019GK Quiz Final 6 to 12
7Saturday09 Nov 2019Junior School Annual Sports
8Sunday10 Nov 2019Barawafat
9Monday11 Nov 2019Assembly: Guru Nanak: 7A
10Tuesday12 Nov 2019Kartik Purnima
11Wednesday13 Nov 2019House Meeting
12Wednesday13 Nov 2019Children's Day, PA 3B, 6 to 12
13Wednesday13 Nov 2019Assembly: Children's Day 5B
14Thursday14 Nov 2019Children's Day
15Thursday14 Nov 2019Children's Day by The Committee
16Friday15 Nov 2019Assembly: Meghalaya: 7B
17Saturday16 Nov 2019Holiday
18Tuesday19 Nov 2019Assembly: Tripura: 7C
19Wednesday20 Nov 2019Club Meeting
20Wednesday20 Nov 2019Assembly: Sisterhood Amongst Citizens" 5C
21Thursday21 Nov 2019Senior Citizen's Day - Student Council
22Friday22 Nov 2019Assembly: Bihar: 6A
23Tuesday26 Nov 2019Assembly: Sikkim: 6B
24Wednesday27 Nov 2019House Meeting
25Wednesday27 Nov 2019Assembly: Health is Wealth: 4A
26Friday29 Nov 2019Assembly: Gujarat: 6C
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