Head Girl's Message

"And I'm out with lanterns, looking for myself." -Emily Dickinson

Each child that enters the gates of Loreto Convent is unaware of the capability she holds towards making a mark in this world. Our institution guides these children with lanterns into the grand abyss of undiscovered potential and promotes holistic development towards making the child one with her mind, body and spirit.

With integrity, insight, inclusiveness and a relentless spirit, you can unlock the hidden treasure of your talents and abilities because it is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves.

One's potential and intrinsic value are not limited to academic excellence but rely heavily on one's ability to relate to the experiences of others and meet them with empathy and kindness. To achieve freedom that involves attention, awareness and discipline, of being truly able to care about other people and sacrifice for them in a myriad of ways; on fire with the same force that made the stars: love, fellowship, the mystic oneness of all things deep down. This is being educated, what Loreto truly stands for.

As the feelings of responsibility, honour and contentment reside in me and so does the memory of the legends this tradition of excellence has created, my only message to each and every Loretoite is that:

"No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world."

Drop the armour that protects you, love the parts of you that nobody claps for and venture out with your ideas.

Yusra Rehman
(Head Girl)

(XII-Science 2022-2023)